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Project Description
The ContentExtension module, extends the core of the Orchard framework in order to provide a better performance. In terms of the performance, one of the main concerns of the Orchard framework is many database queries that it generates. For a single request to a ContentType that has six ContentParts, Orchard sends minimum seven requests to the database to load the data. The ContentExtension reduces that to only one request. It results in a better performance in case the database is located on another server, which is not something uncommon among the host providers.
Using the module is very simple. After installing the module, all you should do is just replacing your Content Menu Items with the Content Extension Menu Items. After that, you can enjoy a much better performance. The trick behind the ContentExtension is simple. If we know the type of the item that we want to show in advance, then we can create a special query that loads all of the related ContentParts alongside the ContentItem. I explained the detail of the implementation here.
The module includes some other functionalities such as returning the data in JSON format, or returning PartialViews for AJAX requests.

If you are using Orchard 1.8, you should upgrade the .NET Framework of the module to version 4.5 before using it.

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